"My flat roof leaked in more than one place and that was after it was repaired by three other roofing experts including well known and highly respected local roofing firms.  Then a friend suggested that I call Tom Halat and said that if Tom can't find it, it probably can't be found.


I called Tom and he said that he'd stay on the job until it was done right. I was invited to inspect the roof along with him and that's when he found defects that the other 'pros' missed.  Though it took several attempts, the repairs were promptly completed and my roof is now leak-free.  All this for less than the cost of the previous roofers who didn't stay on the job until it was done right.  Thank you, Tom."   -- Alan Rusk, Alshar Investments, Inc.



“When it comes to roofs, Tom is the go-to-guy for commercial real estate brokers in Southeastern Wisconsin.”    --Stephen Provancher, NAI/MLG Commercial.



“We had a budget in mind for the work based on pricing we got from a few different roofers.  Tom helped us beat the budget and took the burden of administering the project off of my back.”  -- Eric Nordeen, Ascendant Holdings, LLC on the Wells Building Reroofing Project.