Metso Minerals North American HQ
  • Project:  Reroofing Suburban Office Building
  • Tenant:  Metso Minerals
  • Property Manager:  Wangard Partners


US Bank Midtown Branch

Project: Reroofing Branch Bank

Owner:  US Bank

Property Manager:  US Bank Corporate Real Estate

Project:  Woodlake Owners Association

Services Provided:  Prepare Reroofing specification for 19 different buildings. Obtain bids from contrctors and manage the project.

Project:  Reroofing a Historical Building in Downtown Milwaukee

Owner:  MBI Properties, LLC.

Property Manager:  MBI Properties, LLC.

Bombardier Recreational Products

Project:  Test wall and window to determine source of leaks.

Owner:  Bombardier Recreational Products BRP-US, Inc.

The Wells Building

Project:  Partial reroofing.  The Wells Building.  Downtown Milwaukee.  Historical Restoration

Owner: AH Wells, LLC.

Property Manager:  Ascendant Holdings, LLC.

The Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

Project:  Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Owner:  The Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

Project:  Rainbow Lakes Owners Association.  Three Buidings.

Services:  Determine why the roof had failed when it was five years old and prepare specifications to reroof it.  Project management.