Why Use My Services

Reroofing Projects

Simply put, I can get you better service and prices than you could on your own or with another consultant. Because of my experience in the industry I know how contractors think. Keep in mind; I spent most of my career working on the contracting side of this industry. Due to my experience, the depth and breadth of my technical knowledge is extraordinary. I know what material and systems to specify when designing roof specifications.

When roofers bid a project they try to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By having the contractors all bid on the same apples-to-apples specification the only way they can differentiate themselves is by having the lowest price.

After discussing your project requirements I will prepare bidding documents and invite contractors to bid the work. I keep tabs on the roofers and I know who is aggressively looking so that we can produce a bid list that won’t compromise quality.

An essential part of the bidding process is the pre-bid conference. At that time the project requirements are covered and questions are answered. A written response is provided to all the contractors.

Another important part of the bidding process is the structure of the bid form. I know from experience that the more information you can ask from the bidders the more it will cause them to analyze their bid. With a better analysis you will get a better price. When the bids are due they are all either faxed, delivered or emailed to the owner. The roofers know they have to have a sharp pencil to get the work.

I am known, trusted and respected by the roofers in this area. They know that my administration of the project will be fair with a focus on quality and owner satisfaction. With this in mind they don’t have to pad their bids with extra charges and contingencies. Furthermore, you won’t get bombarded by extras and change orders.


Due Diligence Reports

When buyers and sellers are negotiating the sale or lease of a commercial building the condition of the roof can make or break the deal. I am familiar with the different types of roofing systems and their installation requirements.

Since I am known and trusted by many of the brokers in this area a condition report authored by me carries credibility.

Roof Management Plans 


As an owner of commercial real estate I understand your needs. I know that in a perfect world we would all spend money like a senator. In the real world expenses should not exceed cash flows. I have helped many owners devise cost effective plans that work for both the short and long term.