After 38 years in the roofing industry it is time for me to start cutting back.  While I do not plan to retire completely I will be closing the doors at Tom Halat’s Roof Consulting Service, LLC on September 30, 2018.  On October 1, 2018 I will be working for Hernandez Roofing, LLC.  Arturo Hernandez and I have known each other for almost 20 years.  My plan is to work about 10 hours a week helping my customers make the transitiion to Hernandez Roofing.  


Through Hernandez Roofing I will be able to provide you with the same level of service you have come to expect. They have over 30 employees and gross almost $10 million in revenue annually.  It has been a pleasure to work for all of my customers in the past and I look forward to providing you with continued service. 


I can be reached at 414-940-1800.


I am still doing some free lance consulting work.  For that I can be reached at


"Remember to look up at the stars, not down at your feet." -- Steven Hawking